How To Become A YouTuber Just By Using Mobile Phone?

You just need the will power to do something, resources do not matter a lot. I mean, if it is about doing YouTube and you at least have a Cell phone and it is enough to get started.

You need to have a good and unique content of your own and just switch on the camera and speak it for the people, You should provide some value to the viewers through your content, either by teaching them something, making them laugh actually entertaining them by any how. I mean there are n number of topics and niches on which the videos can be made, you just need to find a suitable niche for yourself. I’ll recommend you personally to choose a less competitive niche so that it gets a bit easy to rank up.

If you are confused in which content you should make videos or still confused in how to get started then you can directly contact us and we’ll help you out with all the issues.

If you already use YouTube then you already have a YouTube Channel, you don’t have to create anything and to see that if you have a channel or not then you can see it by clicking on your profile in the YouTube App on the top right corner then a list of options will appear there you’ll find ‘Your Channel’ and tada! You are read with your YouTube Channel and Now you just need to upload videos on your channel. If everything doesn’t goes exactly the same way I told you then also no worries, you just directly contact me and I’ll help you out with all the technical issues.

You can even change your Channel’s name  three times within 90 days, I don’t no why people will be using this option but yes you can do it.

Actually there are not so much options to do from the mobile phone but still you can do the basics from there or you can even open in the crome or any browser from the mobile and change the view to desktop and use the same features of desktop/laptop from your mobile device.

There you’ll find the options to upload your brand’s logo and even you can choose a channel art from there which will be the theme of the channel.

You can switch to the options that your channel is for kids or not. If it is for kids then there will be very less ads and even comments will be blocked.

In the permission section You can select which category your videos are, select the language of your videos, permissions for your content contributor or your business partner.

Once every setting is set then you just need to verify your account by just getting an OTP on your number.

You even get the options of filling in the basic info of your brand, choosing the currency in the setting. Just fill in the required info and you’ll be ready with your YouTube Channel.

Just start recording videos and upload it directly, people are earning a good amount of money through YouTube just by using mobile for creating and uploading videos so why not you.

Which apps to use in mobile for Professionally editing the videos:

  • Adobe Premier Rush (Recommended for Professional Creation)

  • Viva Cut Pro (Recommended because it is very easy to use) 

  • Aliaht Motion (It is a bit technical to use and if you want to remove the water mark then it cost for Rs.60/- for it)

  • Power Director (A very stable app and Easy to use)

  • Kine Master (Easy to use)

Even you can take our help in getting your Channel up professionally, like:

  • Creating Thumbnails

  • Getting Best Titles, Descriptions, Tags & Keywords

  • Creating Professional Logo For Your Brand

  • Getting The Competitive Keywords on which Your Competitor’s Videos Are Ranking

  • Helping You In Getting Your Videos Rank On Your Related Keyword

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